CBD Cannabidiol for Migraines

CBD Cannabidiol for Migraines

If you have ever experienced severe migraine headaches, you know the pain they bring. They are so painful a person could wish to die just to escape the pain. While nobody ever does this, it does state how severe these headaches are for those who experience them. In this article, we are exploring how CBD can treat migraines.

There are different types of headaches. There are tension headaches, hypertension headaches, diabetic headaches and sinus headaches. Then, there are migraine headaches.

Nothing is worse than the pain that comes with a migraine attack. A migraine is the worst headache of all. It can have other symptoms including dizziness, nausea, eye disturbances and more. They may even cause double vision.

One of the worst side effects of migraines is knowing that there is no cure for them.The excruciating symptoms simply do not have any active treatment as of now. There have been some prescription drugs that have been relatively successful in treating certain symptoms. Medications such as trazodone or propranolol, flunarizine, L-SHTP, papaverine, and nimodipine will help relieve certain symptoms, but they will not prevent or eradicate migraines altogether.

However, in the past few years, a new solution has emerged. There has been researching was done that shows that cannabis may be a more useful medication than anything else. It may even get rid of migraines and not just their symptoms.

A journal called Pharmacotherapy published a study that demonstrated it had been proven that the frequency of migraine headaches could be reduced with cannabis. Of 121 patients studied, 103 of them reported that using the cannabis got rid of their migraines. Several patients did mention not getting any benefits while only a handful said that they had more migraine occurrences.

Research has shown that inhaling the cannabis is the best method for treatment. This helps the cannabinoids get into the blood stream faster so that it works faster to treat the problem. The study further reported that when it was inhaled, the migraine frequency went from a dozen a month to one or two.

CBD Cannabidiol for Migraines

The question is how cannabinoids work to help migraines. The Tech Times showed that there is a link between migraines and a lack of endocannabinoids. These endocannabinoids are made naturally in the body and control several processes in the body.

While they are not entirely understood, scientists will often work with psychoactive marijuana to do medical testing. Still, they tend to warn others about using marijuana for medical reasons. This is probably because of the side effects and potential harm, in the long run, has to be weighed against all the known pros and cons.

Considering all of this, it is a subject of curiosity whether the THC in marijuana can be used to help migraine symptoms. It seems that CBD oil should be tested for the same purpose. Seeing that in over two dozen studies the National Institute on Drug Abuse couldn’t find a solid piece of evidence that CBD oil is harmful, it makes sense to continue these studies.

Compared to THC which has some adverse side effects -although, not in our opinion – CBD is much more attractive a substance. It seems it would be harmless if a not helpful medical material which would come in handy to treat migraine headaches. Further studies with the oil itself should be done to test for its effectiveness. There are so many sufferers who would love to be able to use it.